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The advantages of scrolling LED signs

There are many advantages to using scrolling LED signs. Signs that require a brand logo or trademark are exceptions, but beyond that, other sign styles just don't compare.

BACKED BY A 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE AND A 2 YEAR WARRANTY (see Terms & Conditions for details)

A scrolling message display can present phrases, sentences and even paragraphs (if needed) of information, but also can deliver a one or two word message with eye-catching effects. This versatility ensures that your sign will never become obsolete.

LED message displays can incorporate graphics and cartoons to help deliver your message with both pictures and words. Most successful advertisements uses pictures or graphics to one degree or another.

LED lights are more efficient, more durable, safer and have a longer lifespan than any other form of lighting used in signs or displays.

LED programmable scrolling message displays allow you to schedule various messages or groups of messages (programs) at specific time slots during the day, and even specific days. The right sign at the right time.

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