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Programmable computer controlled LED signs

Programmable computer controlled LED signs can be programmed in at least one of two ways.

1)Most models include an infrared programming remote control, that can perform all programming functions of existing message programs already uploaded to the sign.

2)All models can be programmed directly through the use of either a USB connection or an RS232 adapter cable. The appropriate cables are included with all our models. Both USB and RS232 connectors are readily compatible with virtually all PC's and most laptops. Adapters can be obtained at most electronic stores if needed.

BACKED BY A 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE AND A 2 YEAR WARRANTY (see Terms & Conditions for details)

Programming software is included with all our models, and is both Windows compatible and user friendly. Programming options vary slightly depending on the model. All models include the following:

  • multi-message capability

  • day & time settings for programming

  • multiple append modes (i.e. flash, pause, continuous etc..)

  • multiple message import & export modes (i.e. scroll left, right, up, down etc..)

  • adjustable display speed

  • pre-loaded graphics library

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