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Selecting a business advertising sign.

If you've determined that you need a business advertising sign, then you now need to determine which sign or signs will best serve your needs.

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External/Overhead Store Front Displays

Your store front sign is a must, and should be as large as is allowable. Obviously, you must stay within your budget, but do not skimp on this critical element of your businesses advertising. More customers will discover your business by seeing your sign, than any other way. Try to follow these guidelines when designing or selecting your store front sign.

  • Design your sign to meet the limits of length and height acceptable to your city/village codes and property owner

  • Illuminate your display. Preferably with neon lighting to provide even light distribution and better color (if applicable)

  • Your sign must be legible!! Individual "letter signs" are preferable, however, a lighted box display works, but only if people can read it

  • Avoid darker neon colors if possible. Reds & yellows work best. Blues & greens tend to be less visible

    We have added a couple links for external store front sign suppliers below (yes, we are in fact directing you away from LED displays!!!)

    Internal Store Front or Window Signs

    Window signs are obviously limited in terms of size. However, they are still a necessary advertising tool for a retail business, and can inform and attract customers as well. The following are some choices available for window displays.

  • Window lettering is inexpensive, but cannot be seen after dark, and does not attract attention

  • Posters are also inexpensive, and have the same drawbacks as window lettering. They also take up more window space, and look unprofessional

  • Unlighted signs or message boards are more expensive than window lettering, and in fact, can be quite expensive if custom messages are needed. Once again, without light they cannot be seen after dark, and even during daylight, they attract very little attention

  • Lighted window displays are the optimum form of window sign. They are highly visible after dark, and usually more visible in daylight as well

    Obviously, a lighted window sign is the best choice of internal store front business advertising signs. The three types of window signs are neon, light box, and LED. LED displays and signs provide a better window business advertising sign, and can cost less. Click here for more on the benefits of LED signs

    Ready to shop for an LED business advertising sign? CLICK HERE!

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