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Hang your semi-outdoor LED window sign indoor!

BACKED BY A 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE AND A 2 YEAR WARRANTY (see Terms & Conditions for details)

Despite the "semi-outdoor" classification, always mount your LED window sign indoor, as they are not weather proof. The "semi-outdoor" classification refers only to the brightness of the LED's used on the sign.

Semi-outdoor LED's are bright enough to be highly visible, even in bright sunlight, and therefore suitable for window displays. Many LED signs and displays are described as "super-bright", but are not classified as "semi-outdoor" or "suitable for window displays".

If you intend to use your LED sign or display in a window, be certain the model you select is clearly rated as "semi-outdoor" or suitable for "window displays". Ordinary indoor LED signs will not be visible in bright or even moderate sunlight.

LED-display-signs.com offers various sizes of "semi-outdoor" models in both single and tri-color models.

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